[Wednesday] Yoga & Dinner Discussion



Wednesday, April 13th
W20-491 (Student Center)
4:30-6:30pm: Yoga + Dinner Discussion

Space is limited – register now!
Attendees must bring own mat.

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Yoga for Embodiment, Empowerment & Emotional Resilience

Slow Flow & Funk Yoga Class
Using yoga to unwind tension in the superficial and deeper layers of fascia is a potent and effective way to relieve tension and physical holding patterns. We will compassionately counteract the postural symptoms of stress and anxiety by gently unwinding with an all levels warming slow flow, set to an inspired playlist followed by a soothing restorative practice. Perfect for all bodies, all moods and every ability. Just bring your breath.

Dinner Discussion: Moving Through 
Practicing Self-Care Through Yoga & Embodied Mindfulness
We’ll unpack obvious and hidden barriers to enacting consistent self-care. Whether or not you are “a yogi“, exercise and mindful-movement are an essential component of taking care of yourself, but daily obligations, stressors and old patterns of shame can keep you from fully participating in the vibrant life of your body. We’ll talk about setting up a home practice, and removing physical & psychological barriers that may prevent you from practicing yoga, or your movement mode of choice. A personalized, consistent yoga practice can equip you to live a more compassionate, and empowered life with stronger boundaries, and more conscious relationships with others, and yourself.

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